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14thth October



Sunday 2nd Sunday 9th Sunday 16th Sunday 23th Sunday 30th




Sunday 18th Sunday 25th

OPENING TIMES REMAIN 09.30am - 11.30am


21thth September

Quiz Night

Please head over to our gallery to see pictures from our first funding quiz night.


28thth August

Potatoe Order

Please return potatoe orders to the shop or place in the box on the toilet wall by the 7th september.

Thank You.

4th August

Quiz night 13th September

3rd August

Allotment Competition Results 2014

Best 10 Rod

1. Springfield Dr. Plot 56 111
2. Manchester Dr Plot 48 110
3. Rochford Rd Plot 49/50 109

Best New 10 Rod

1. Springfield Dr Plot 57 106
2. Gaynes Park Plot 8 99
3. Eastern Ave Plot 113 95

Best 5 Rod

1. Manchester Dr Plot 73B 86
2. Gaynes Park Plot 56A 85
3. Rochford Rd Plot 92 84.5

Best new 5 Rod

1. Gaynes Park Plot 74 87
2. Manchester Dr Plot 70A 80
3. Rochford Rd Plot 96 79

Society Cup

1. Manchester Dr 569
2. Gaynes Park 564
3. Rochford Rd 556
4. Springfield Dr 544
5. Eastern Ave 461

Some of the general comments have been included below and I will pass on more specific feedback direct to the relevant Societies

Judges Comments

Generally the Judges were impressed with high standards and the level of commitment from plot holders, again despite difficult weather conditions over late winter and spring. Eastern Ave also had some excellent plots given the challenges they have with rabbits!

Plot Numbers and Boundaries: all sites need to review this for next year and make sure they are all in place and clearly marked.

Also for next year it would be useful to remind each site about the importance of having working Compost Bins and Rainwater Collection on their plots - not elsewhere - it reduces the points scored.

To have the best possible chance in the Society Cup they do need the minimum number of plots in each category.

Please remember that Society members are not to accompany the judges during the visit. If this happens next year a penalty may be imposed or the judges may refuse to carry out the judging.

I would also like to record my thanks to the judges who did a sterling job.

11th April

11th of May

large plant sale between 10am to 2pm at the allotment shop. Please bring your surplus stock to sell.

9th April


Please pay at the allotment shop situated at the Manners Way entrance.

Under 62 -

5 rod £32.25p
10 rod £59.50p

50% Reduction if you are -

under 18 years of age, over 62 years of age as of 1 April 2014, if you are in receipt of DWP Benefits or be in receipt of Southend Council Advantage Card Catergory 'C'. This excludes water and membership fee.

5 rod £22.25p
10 rod £39.50p

Price break down will be on the allotment notice board.

1st March

Chairmen Ernie Garnham opened the new shop.